Video Surveillance Power Cube-Edge Span U60-LSPV

Onestop Integrated Video Site Solution

Edge Span U60-LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube Product Overview

Edge Span U60-LSPV is a video surveillance powercube specially designed by Edgeware for CCTV Camera Outdoor Deployment scenarios.Edge Span U200 video surveillance powercube is optimized for smart city, CCTV Camera and industrial control scenarios. Through the pre-integrated method, the functions of network backhaul, power supply and backup, system monitoring, surge suppressor, and environment control are integrated into a powercube before the device leaves the factory, which greatly simplifies the deployment and installation of outdoor video surveillance scenarios. The product mainly has the following characteristics:

Edge Span U60-LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube Product Specification Overview

Model Function InputOutput UPSBatteryDimensionIngress ProtectionCustomization
Edge Span U60-LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube Outdoor 

Integrated Video Site 

AC 110V/220V Signal Phase3GE POE/POE+(Default)


Other Voltage Can be customized

100W/200W DC-UPS with DC48V/DC12V OutputOption1:48v4.8AH Lithium Battery

Designed for 2 Hours Autonomy

Longer autonomy can be customized



Typical Application
•Outdoor Power Supply for Video Surveillance

•CCTV Camera Power Supply with Battery Backup

•1-3 Channel CCTV Power Supply

Edge Span U60-LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube Application Scenario

Edge Span U60-LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube Typical Interface Configuration

System Architecture

Edge Span U60-LSPV is a video surveillance powercube is an All in One Power Solution designed for Video Surveillance scenario. Edgeware recognizes that the pain point of these deployment scenarios is that the power and network suppliers are separated, resulting in customers having to purchase from different suppliers and purchase outdoor cabinets by themselves to integrate the entire solution. As a result, the reliability of the entire solution is poor, and the installation and integration costs are high during deployment. Therefore, Edgeware follows the consistent design philosophy of All in One, integrating POE Switch, UPS, battery and protection into an integrated IP65 Outdoor UPS.

Edge Span U60 LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube Features

1.Maintance Free
Edge Span U60 LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube is constructed with an IP65/NEMA4 grade aluminum housing with strong outdoor corrosion resistance. And the system is fully sealed and can be deployed in any area without fear of environmental challenges.

Good heat dissipation design and all industrial-grade devices make the system no longer rely on fans, but rely on natural heat dissipation. Therefore, the system no longer needs to be maintained and replaced due to the fan.

1.Flexible with Plug and Play

Edge Span U60 LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube is an integrated video site solution. Althought it is all in one , but the weight of the whole system is only 10kg. It is very easy to install on pole , one wall.

What’s more , the system is pre-integrated with plug and play, reduce on site installation time and complexity.

2.Highly Reliable and Versatile UPS System
Industrial Outdoor UPS system is used in various and complex environments. The UPS systems we developed for the system are all based on outdoor harsh environment design and have industrial-grade stability and reliability, and can adapt to an ambient temperature of 60°C.

Based on the diversity of usage scenarios, we provide both DC48V and DC12V voltages. We can also add various voltage systems according to customer requirements.

3.Comprehensive Lightning and Surge Protection
Edge Span U60 LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube is used in an outdoor environment and is inevitably threatened by lightning and surge. Based on Edgeware’s rich experience in outdoor lightning protection, we have designed perfect lightning protection for both signal and power systems.

At the same time, based on Edgeware’s smart breaker, it realizes the protection of over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and short-circuit.

4.Stronge POE and DC Power Providing for Your Devices 
Edge Span U60 LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCube provides options for various POE functions to help connect different types of outdoor equipment. For example, the camera will require various standard versions of POE such as 802.3af/at/bt. Or some equipment requires Passive POE, we can configure it according to your requirements.In some scenarios, the devices you need to access will require DC12V, DC24V, DC48V and other power supply standards, and we can also configure them according to your requirements.
5.Rmote Moitoring Software Platform to Simplify Operation
Edgeware has always emphasized that CAPEX and OPEX are equally important. The core of reducing the OPEX of the Edge Industry PowerCube scenario is to provide complete Remote Monitoring.

Based on Edgeware’s Convergence Software Platform, it can realize complete remote monitoring for customers.

Edge Span U60-LSPV Video Surveillance PowerCUbe Specification
DimensionW*H*D 295mm*355mm*150mm
Weight10kg(with all system)
Ingress ProtectionIP65
Heat DissipationNo fan design, natural heat dissipation
System Operating Temperature-20~+75°C, 5%~90% RH Non condensing
DC-UPSRated Power 100W

Input 110V/220V 50/60Hz Output 42.00-58.00VDC

Battery48V4.8AH Lithium Battery with BMS
Network and System Surge Suppression20KVA
Smart BreakerRemote control power on and off from Edgeware convergence platform

10A 110v/220v

Leakage Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Under Voltage Protection

Overcurrent Protection

Short circuit Protection

Lightning Protection

Network Module:GE Downlink: 1-3*10/100/1000M Base-T ports

GE Uplink : (1-2) *10/100/1000M Base-X or Base T port

Layer 2 POE switch module manageable or non-manageable

Port number can be customized

PoE:Downlink ports support

802.3 at/af, max PoE power 80W

802.3 bt 60W POE module optional.

Output PowerDC12V DC48 can be customized based on requirement
Output and Input SignalDI/DO RS485 can be customized based on requirement
System Monitoring and ManagementWork with Edgeware Convergence software platform to perform system monitoring and management
Environment MonitoringSystem temperature, humidity.

Box open and close status

UPS Status MonitoringInput Voltage, Output Voltage

Input/Output Power,Rated Power

Battery Charge/Discharge Current

Input Current, Load Current

Normal, Power Grid Off, Fault

Smart Breaker MonitoringRemote Control

Failure Status






Current leakage

Battery Status MonitoringBattery voltage , current, remaining capacity, temperature

Battery working status, battery charge and discharge current

Battery health estimation( Battery life time estimation )

External Light ControlExternal light controlt
Typical Application Scenariocctv cabinet,solar cabinet, solar termination cabinet, Solar Controller enclosure, video surveillance cabinet, IoT Cabinet, IoT device enclosure, IoT enclosures

Smart City, Industrial Control, video surveillance, Telecom

Network Module Switching Capacity128Gbps
Network Module Protocol Supported4K VLAN based on port, IEEE802.1q VLAN based on the protocol, VLAN based on MAC QinQ configuration, Port configuration of Access, Trunk, Hybrid

LACP, Static aggregation, Max 3 aggregation groups and 8 ports per group.

STP (IEEE802.1d),RSTP (IEEE802.1w),MSTP (IEEE802.1s)

MLD Snooping v1/v2,Multicast VLAN IGMP Snooping v1/v2, Max 1024 multicast groups, Fast log out

Bidirectional data mirroring based on port

Flow-based Rate Limiting Flow-based Packet Filtering 8*Output queues of each port 802.1p/DSCP priority mapping Diff-Serv QoS,Priority Mark/Remark Queue Scheduling Algorithm (SP, WRR,)

Port-based Issuing ACL,ACL based on port and VLAN L2 to L4 packet filtering, matching first 80 bytes message. Provide ACL based on MAC, Destination MAC address, IP Source, Destination IP, IP Protocol Type, TCP/UDP Port, TCP/UDP Port Range, and VLAN, etc

IP-MAC-VLAN-Port binding ARP inspection,Anti-DoS attack AAA & RADIUS,MAC learning limit Mac black holes,IP source protection IEEE802.1X & MAC address authentication Broadcast storm control,Backup for host datum

SSH 2.0,SSL,Port isolation,ARP message speed limit User hierarchical management and password protection

DHCP Client,DHCP Snooping,DHCP Server,DHCP Relay