What is the benefit for nema 3r aluminum outdoor enclosure smart switch?

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The enclosure is designed for use with the Smart Switch. It provides protection against externally applied mechanical force as well as elements such as rain and snow.

– The enclosure is made from a tough, corrosion-resistant, aluminum alloy material that will not crack or become corroded like cheaper plastic enclosures.

– The enclosure is resistant to externally applied mechanical force and will not break if someone accidentally kicks it or tries to pry it open with a crowbar.

– The design of the switch allows for easy installation and does not require any additional hardware such as drywall anchors

The benefit of the NEMA 3R Outdoor weatherproof Smart Switch is that it will not only provide you with data on your power usage and provide a way to control your electronics remotely, but it also has a built-in backup battery to ensure power continuity in the event of a power outage.

When you’re looking for an out of sight way to monitor your household’s power usage and control your electronics remotely, this NEMA 3R Smart Switch is perfect for you. It includes non-volatile memory that stores data when power is out as well as a built-in backup battery that ensures longevity during prolonged outages.