What is The Best Backup Power Solution in My Mind?

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What is the best backup power solution in my mind? These are in our mind:

(1) Customzatin

Because most backup power solutions are based on customer scenarios and needs. If the backup power solution standardized by the manufacturer does not take into account the customer’s scenario in detail, this is obviously not enough. So best backup power solution has to consider customization based on request.

(2) Maintenance Free

When we discuss backup power solution, we often talk about outdoor backup power solution. In this scenario, the reason for power backup of the equipment is often due to the remote location, the unstable power network, or the fact that the power network does not exist at all, and solar energy must be used. Because of the remote location, maintenance free is very important, otherwise the cost of on-site maintenance will be very high. So best backup power solution has to be maintenance in order to reduce the OPEX.