What scenario does we use ups dc output?

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UPS DC output often occurs in two scenarios:

(1) DC UPS

This kind of scene is also called rectifier in the telecom scene. UPS DC output is generally DC48V. Of course, Edgeware also has DC48V, DC12V dual output or other UPS DC Output customized according to customer requirements.

(2) AC UPS with DC Output

There are some special scenarios where customers use AC UPS but need UPS DC ouput. For this scenario Edgeware also has AC DC dual output UPS system.

But in general, we think that DC UPS, or UPS DC Output, should be used as much as possible in scenarios where DC can be used. Because any system eventually needs to convert AC into DC for use, AC has the problem of multiple conversions. And once the conversion is involved, there is bound to be a waste of efficiency. At the same time, the AC system is larger than the DC system.