What should I pay attention to in winter, such as battery storage cabinet or outdoor ups battery?

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When we design battery storage cabinet and outdoor ups battery, we know that battery system is sensitive to ambient temperature. Either the temperature is too high or too low. Many times we know that excessive temperature can hurt battery life. However, too low a temperature will have more serious consequences, which will cause the battery to fail to discharge properly. This often occurs in areas with very cold winters. When the temperature is lower than -10°C, the discharge of the battery will cause problems. There are generally two solutions on the market for this problem:

(1) Batteries suitable for ultra-low temperature

This is of course a good solution, but the problem is that batteries that adapt to ultra-low temperatures are often expensive, and sometimes the price of a battery even exceeds the price of the battery storage cabinet and the entire system of outdoor ups battery. Obviously this is not the best solution.

(2) Configure Heater  in battery storage cabinet and outdoor ups battery

This is a more cost-effective solution and one that we often recommend to our clients for  battery storage cabinet and outdoor ups battery solution. We will build a heating plate in the battery, and through our algorithm, the battery will always be in a proper working state.