What special attention should be paid to the 18650 power bank enclosure?

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The 18650 power bank enclosure is used by the power backup solution in many scenarios. But 18650 lithium battery has its own characteristics, we should pay attention to it when designing and using:

First of all, the life of the 18650 lithium battery is not as good as that of the LiFePO4 lithium battery. Generally only reach the charge and discharge cycles of lead acid battery. Therefore, when designing 18650 power bank enclosures with 18650 batteries, it is best not to use solar power in such scenarios that must be frequently charged and discharged every day. Because in these scenarios, the frequency of use is high, which means that the battery life will be exhausted in less than 2 years. And when you deploy the 18650 power bank enclosure in the rural area, the cost of on-site maintenance and battery replacement will be very high.

Second, the 18650 power bank enclosure should also pay special attention to the risk of spontaneous combustion. The larger the 18650 battery capacity, the greater the risk of fire. In Edgeware’s design, the 18650 power bank enclosure generally does not exceed the 960wh capacity. Beyond this value, in our experience, there will be unsafe factors. What we should pay special attention to is that in the home use scenario, special attention should be paid to the safety of the battery.

Third, be sure to pay special attention to the operating temperature of the 18650 power bank enclosure. We do not recommend ambient temperature to exceed 45 degrees Celsius. High temperatures not only affect battery life, but most importantly, increase the risk of fire.