When the local power grid is unstable, Off-grid solar system is not necessarily the best solution

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Off-grid solar system is generally used in areas with unstable power. This scenario is not necessarily the best choice. Because solar energy also faces many problems:

In Off-grid solar system,solar panels are large and heavy, and installation is difficult. Especially when the site is suitable for small sites of 50-200W, it is generally installed in remote areas, and many times the installation environment is pole-mounted. At this time, the solar panels of off-grid solar system also had to be installed on poles. If off-grid solar system of the solar panel design is too large, it will be very difficult to install, and if there is a typhoon or strong wind in the local area, the stability of the system will be affected, and the final maintenance cost will be high. If the solar panel design is too small, it will affect the usability of the equipment. It’s a tough balance.

So we have always thought that if the power of the power grid can be obtained, even if it is unstable, we can build a larger capacity UPS system and batteries. Quickly charge the battery through the UPS, and then use the large-capacity battery to make the system run well on battery power during this period of time when there is no power. This scenario only needs to be calculated and can achieve good results.

Therefore, we have always believed that when the local power grid is unstable, we can use the design of the UPS system to absorb the fluctuation of the power grid, so as to achieve the availability of the final site. Off-grid solar system We believe that the best scenario is to provide electricity when electricity is not available.