Where do we need 4G ToB off-grid Solar Power System?

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We often hear the concept of 5G ToB, in fact, 5G ToB is slowly developing in developed countries. But 4G usage in most developing countries has not reached its original design capacity. Therefore, we believe that the potential of 4G ToB in developing countries has not been fully tapped. To fully tap the potential of 4G ToB, another problem needs to be solved, that is, the problem of electricity acquisition. Because power grids in developing countries are often underdeveloped, electricity is often unavailable in 4G ToB scenarios. At this time, Edgeware’s 4G ToB off-grid solar power system-Edge Span S series products are needed. The Edge Span S series 4G ToB off-grid solar power system combines solar, battery, and network, and is customized based on the customer’s 4G ToB edge requirements, which well meets the needs of developing 4G ToB business in-depth development. This video mainly discusses the market demand and usage scenarios of 4G ToB off-grid solar power system.