Why aluminum enclosure power supply can save OPEX?

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Aliminum material has two notable properties:

(1) Strong heat dissipation characteristics

Aluminum enclosure power supply has strong natural heat dissipation characteristics. When we use it to build an outdoor power solution, we can use its natural heat dissipation characteristics to avoid the problem of on-site maintenance and replacement of fans caused by the use of FAN heat dissipation in general outdoor enclosures. To the greatest extent possible to achieve maintenance free.

(2) Natural rust resistance

When we deploy the aluminum enclosure power supply outdoors, no matter what the extreme environment is, such as the high salinity air in the seaside, the high humidity in the rainforest area, and the dusty area in the desert area, it will not pose a threat to the aluminum enclosure power supply. Because of the natural rust resistance of its surface aluminum material and its overall IP65 ingress protection capability, both the enclosure itself and the equipment in the enclosure are well protected. To achieve Maintenance free to the greatest extent.

When we deploy the aluminum enclosure outdoors, we can achieve maintenance free through these two features. Rural area site maintenance free, which naturally reduces OPEX.