Why do we need small scale solar power?

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The need for smaller scale solar power has been growing in recent years. While the installation of large-scale solar plants is an expensive undertaking and not always practical, smaller projects are often more viable and can provide a better return on investment.

Solar energy can be used as a resource for regions with low electricity generation capacity. It is also more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels and provides stable prices for electricity generation.

It also doesn’t depend on the transportation of fuel to power it unlike coal, oil and natural gas plants that are dependent on oil, coal or natural gas imports which may experience fluctuations in price.


Solar thrives in climates that have a lot of sun. Places like India and China are prime example of places where solar is used extensively. A lot of countries also use solar power because it is a clean source of energy and does not produce any greenhouse gases.

Small scale solar power is an offshoot from large-scale solar farms. It offers more control over the energy generation process, which may be an important part for those who are especially interested in self-sufficiency, environmentalism, or decentralization. Small scale solar power users are often able to generate their own electricity from this type of system, which would otherwise be difficult with larger systems that become centralized, making it difficult to sell surplus back to the grid.

Small scale systems also offer quicker installation times for users.