Why do we need solar iot in a box?solar plant iot|solar panels for iot

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Edgeware has always advocated the design of all in one for the outdoor power solution, that is, the integration of network, power system and enclosure. For IoT scenarios, we also believe that Solar IoT in a Box is the correct design method. Because in the IoT scenario, the power required by the actual equipment is very small. If you want to design a solar plant IoT system, the system is divided into several parts such as network, power, enclosure, etc. to design, the cost is high, and the final stability of the design will also be be a problem. The solar panels for IoT required by Solar plant IoT are small, in fact the specifications of solar controllers are easy to standardize. In addition, the design of Solar IoT in a Box will greatly reduce installation and maintenance costs. Edgeware is great at customizing and designing this all in one solution based on your scenario.