Why do we need Solar Powered 5G Outdoor CPE-Based on Edge Span S60-5GP ,5G Solar Power Supply

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In recent years, 5G technology has developed rapidly, and Starlink has gradually matured. It seems that the world we live in will soon enter the era of Internet of Things. But have you ever thought about the power issue? In fact, even if you can get connected anytime, anywhere, can you guarantee that you can get electricity? Therefore, we feel that whether it is 5G or starlink, the future will inevitably be accompanied by the development of solar energy technology in order to truly realize the Internet of Things.
In response to this trend, Edgeware developed Edge Span S60 5GP-based on Solar Powered 5G Outdoor CPE. This is not just a 5G CPE, it has its own embedded solar controller and battery, which can be deployed anywhere. The design of IP65 all in one enables it to achieve maintenance-free operation, which is more compatible with the Internet of Everything scenario. We also added POE/POE+/POE++ according to the application scenario, so that when you deploy this node, you can mount any device that supports POE in the downstream. We believe that Edge Span S60 5GP will be your best Solar Power 5G ToB application boost.