Why does the smart pole of the Integrated Video Surveillance Site need case by case customization?

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We need to customize the smart pole to deal with the different surveillance demands from each site. Even if one of these demands is not addressed, it could lead to a problem with the public safety.

The smart pole consists of a tall and narrow pole that supports all the equipment necessary for surveillance by using sensors and cameras strategically placed on top.

The base of this pole is where we find all sorts of equipment that is necessary for video monitoring, access control, lighting management etc.

Integrated Video Surveillance Sites need to be customized accordingly to the user. This is because they are created as a solution for different needs.

The smart pole is an integrated video surveillance site that can rotate 360 degrees and has four separate cameras.

It can be customized according to the needs of the user, for example: by adding more cameras or adding a spotlight at night.