Why surge suppressor is important for outdoor camera power supply enclosure

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When deploying cameras in outdoor scenarios, you have to consider the power supply, backup power and surge suppressor for the cameras, so the outdoor camera power supply enclosure is a must. There are generally two scenarios. The first scenario is that the outdoor camera power supply enclosure has a built-in UPS and battery to back up the camera. The second is that the solar system is built-in to solve the power supply problem of the field camera.

We can find that these scenarios will encounter the following problems:

(1) Both the UPS and the solar energy scene are outdoors, so it is inevitable to encounter lightning and surges. In this case, if the built-in surge suppressor of the outdoor camera power supply enclosure is not considered, then long-term operation will have a probability of causing Equipment is damaged by lightning strikes, thereby increasing operation and maintenance costs.

(2) If it is a solar scenario, the surge may also be input from the solar panel’s line.

(3) In addition, we must not forget that even if it is a signal bus such as RS485, RS232, DI/DO, CAN, once it enters the equipment through the outdoor environment, lightning protection must be considered. These lines will go directly to the device CPU, if there is no surge surpressor processing, it will directly damage the device CPU.

Therefore, no matter what the scene is, if we deploy the outdoor camera power supply enclosure, we need to consider the design and use of the surge suppressor.