Why remote monitoring of solar system is important?

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When solar energy is deployed in remote areas, on-site maintenance costs are high if various failures and problems occur. Therefore, when the solar power system has real time monitoring software, fault location and routine maintenance can be performed remotely, which greatly saves on-site maintenance costs.

It is important to have remote monitoring of solar systems in order to protect the investment, as well as ensure that the system is running at peak performance. Additionally, remote monitoring provides valuable data on how a PV system is performing over time, so any necessary adjustments can be made.

Fault detection and isolation are two critical functions of remote solar monitoring systems. They provide data that helps to understand the root causes of failures and identify ways to improve system performance going forward.

Such remote monitoring software can be purchased from various companies such as SolarEdge, Sunrun, enasolar etc. If a solar system is monitored remotely it allows for more accurate production estimates which are essential for cash flow forecasting and long-term financial planning.

Overall, remote monitoring is an important tool to have in order to maintain a solar system, and can help increase its efficiency and longevity. By reducing the need for on-site maintenance, remote monitoring helps to keep costs down and save time. Additionally, it provides valuable data that can help to solve problems and improve system performance going forward.