Outdoor Solar Battery Enclosure- IP65-Edge Span B60 LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Blade

Outdoor Solar Battery Enclosure-Edge Span B60 Maintenance Free IP65 LiFePO4 Lithium Battery System Edge Span B60 Outdoor Solar Battery Enclosure connects to Edge Span S60 solar system We can also customize the interface according to your system, so that B60 meets your usage scenarios. Product Overview Edge Span B60 Outdoor Solar Battery Enclosure is a battery system […]

Outdoor UPS System with POE and Battery-Edgeware Edge Span U60-LSP

Edgeware Edge Span U60 LSP-4 All in One Smart Node 100W UPS, POE Switch and Battery All in One Smart Node Edge Span U60 LSP-4 All in One Smart Node Dimesion Product Overview Edge Span U60-LSP is outdoor UPS system with 100W rated power and integrated with POE switch, battery. The product design reflects the […]

Smart Pole Customization and Design

Smart Pole   When our customers are designing and deploying projects like Smart City, video surveillance, etc., how to design and purchase the corresponding Pole with Video Surveillance Cameras is often their biggest pain point. In response to this problem, Edgeware has developed a complete set of Camera Pole design, manufacturing and delivery capabilities. Able […]