How Solar System and 4G Small Cell Accelerate CCTV Camera Network Deployment?

Edgeware found that it is difficult to require fiber optics and electricity in some places when CCTV Camera Network is deployed. In many cases, CCTV Camera has to be deployed in scenarios where optical fiber and electricity are not easily available. At this time, the cost of deploying optical fiber from zero will be very high. If the deployment site does not have a power grid, it is often not a matter of cost to obtain power. Based on this, we have designed solutions for customers:

(1) The aggregation site adopts 4G Small Cell

In this way, the deployment of optical fiber only needs to consider the uplink of 4G Small Cell, or directly use microwave to provide uplink link for 4G Small Cell.

(2) The camera access site adopts Solar Power+4G Outdoor CPE solution.

Use Edgeware’s Edge Span S60 LTEP outdoor camera enclosure to provide a one-stop solution. The bottom line camera provides GE interface and POE power supply. Uplink data is sent back to 4G Small Cell via LTE. The whole site is powered by solar energy.

This solution greatly reduces deployment costs and reduces deployment time. It is recommended that customers with the same scenario consider adopting this overall solution.

For more information of Edge Span S60 LTEP:

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