Edge Core ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet with All in One Design

Edge Core ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

1.Edge Core ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Dimension
2.Edge Core ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Application

Edgeware ST2100 outdoor telecom cabinet is a standard outdoor all in one core site platform. Based on the all in one concept, Edgeware can provide customers with one-stop communication energy solutions. Based on ST2100, the following types of core sites can be configured:


(1)Outdoor Telecom Power Site

(2)Outdoor Power Storage Site

(3)Hybrid Solar Power Site

(4)Outdoor DWDM Telecom Core Site

(5)Outdoor IP Core Router Site


Based on Edgeware’s Convergence software paltform, we can put the outdoor telecom cabinet site built based on customer scenarios under complete remote monitoring and management. In summary, Edgeware ST2100 outdoor telecom cabinet has the following features:

3.All in One System

                                                                             Edge Core ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet All in One System

Edge Core ST2100 outdoor telecom cabinet is not just a single cabinet system. We provide customers with a full set of optional supporting components to build an all-in-one solution to match the customer’s final scenario, thereby helping customers complete the purchase of a one-stop solution. In addition to the air conditioner and power system that a general outdoor telecom cabinet provides, we can also provide customers with various sensors, cabinet security system, surge protection system, 4G/5G network system, POE, battery with BMS, GPS and other functions. All functions can be easily integrated into the hardware and software system of ST2100 as a modular module in our overall solution.


Edge Core ST2100 outdoor telecom cabinet relies on Edgeware’s advantages in power, battery, network, software, sensor and other products to build multit-scenarios for customers. The following are typical scenarios we build for our customers, but we can actually provide more than just these:

Outdoor Core Router Site with 18KW Rectifier System

Outdoor DWDM Site with 18KW Rectifier System

9KW Hybrid Solar Telecom Cabinet Site

                                                              Complete Choices of Air Conditioner for ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet System

                                                                                                Complete Choices of Power System 

5.Comprehensive OAM
5.1 All System Remote Monitoring and Management 

Edge Core ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet is usually deployed outdoors in remote areas, and on-site maintenance work is very expensive. To overcome this problem, software remote monitoring and operation and maintenance are very necessary features. The entire Edge Core ST2100 system can be monitored and managed by Edgeware’s Convergence software platform. The Convergence software platform can monitor the following subsystems of ST2100:

(1) Power System

(2) Battery BMS

(3) Cooling System(FAN and Air Conditioner )

(4) Sensors(Door sensor, leakage sensor, smoke sensor , vibration sensor)

(5) Surge Protection System 

(6) Temperature and Humidity 

(8) Smart Breaker 

(9) GPS,4G/5G 

(10) Cabinet Security System


5.2 Cloud Edge Dual Visualization and Sychronization

                                                                                                   Edge and Cloud Dual Visualization

The Edge Core ST2100 outdoor telecom cabinet has a built-in Edge Control unit to monitor and manage the operation of the entire system. It is synchronized to the software platform to achieve both Edge and Cloud visualization and synchronization. In this way, management and monitoring can be achieved locally at the site and on the cloud software platform. Especially when the site loses connection from cloud software, the site can still continue to operate based on the management and judgment of the Edge Control unit without relying on the calculation and management of the software platform.

5.3 4G/5G GPS Embedded

                                                                                                   4G/5G GPS Embedded 

Edgeware ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet is usually deployed outdoors. In some scenarios such as hybrid solar storage or telecom power bank, it is not necessarily guaranteed that there will be wired network access. In this case, Edgeware can embed a 4G/5G wireless module into the ST2100 to provide 4G/5G uplink for system management and monitoring. GPS can also be configured as an optional module for ST2100 to track site locations.

5.3 POE+ Embedded

                                                                                                   POE/POE+ Ports Embedded

Edgeware ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet can be configured with POE/POE+ ports on the edge control unit. We have found in a large number of deployments that outdoor telecom cabinets have strong security requirements in many scenarios. Especially when deployed in developing countries, the batteries in the outdoor telecom cabinet are high-value items and are easily stolen, so many customers will choose to build a cabinet defend system. CCTV camera is an important part of it. So when the edge control unit of ST2100 is equipped with POE/POE+ ports, customers can easily deploy it without the need to equip additional POE switches for CCTV cameras. At the same time, the POE/POE+ ports equipped with ST2100 can be controlled by Edgeware Convergence software platform to achieve remote restart to facilitate customer CCTV Camera debugging.

5.4 Power System Remote Management and Monitoring

                                                                                         Power System Remote Management and Monitoring

Edgeware ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet can be configured with Edgeware power systems of various series, such as UPS, Rectifier, hybrid solar system. These systems have been fully integrated into the Edge Control Unit of ST2100, which can be remotely monitored and managed on the Edgeware software platform, so that customers can monitor the real-time and historical operation of the site. If there is a problem with the power system, customers can remotely determine the problem, thereby simplifying the on-site maintenance and repair procedures. In addition, Edgeware can also provide customers with software integration services to integrate customers’ third-party power systems, so as to monitor third-party power systems on the Edgeware software platform.

5.5 BMS(Battery Management System) Remote Management

                                                                                       BMS Remote Management

Edgeware ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet can also provide customers with a full set of lithium battery solutions. The lithium battery has a built-in high-performance BMS that can report the key operating parameters of the battery to the Edge Control unit, thereby enabling the software platform to remotely monitor the battery status.

5.6 Environment Management and Monitoring

                                                                                      Environment Management and Monitoring 

Outdoor Telecom Cabinet is often deployed in remote outdoor areas, and the surrounding environment is often harsh. The equipment installed inside is crucial to the entire network or scenario. Therefore, maintaining a stable environment inside the outdoor telecom cabinet is very important for the long-term stable operation of the entire system. Edgeware integrates and reports all information such as air conditioner and ambient temperature and humidity to the Edgeware Convergence software platform so that customers can remotely understand environmental changes and air conditioning operations.


Edgeware is also specially designed for cooling capacity management. For details, please refer to the Technical article:


5.7 Sensor Integration and Management

                                                                                      Sensor Integration and Management

6.Enhanced Security

                                                                                                       Remote Control Door Lock

Edgeware ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet is equipped with remote control door lock.The picture above shows Edgeware’s remote control door lock of outdoor telecom cabinet. Essentially, it is a remote control access control system. When the software platform executes the lock command, the cabinet door is locked. When the software platform executes the unlock command, the cabinet door is unlocked. In the software platform, all operation records will be stored, so that all actions can be easily traced.

If you have more security requirements, you can refer to our technical article to know more details what Edgeware can offer:



7.Refined Power and Cooling Management
7.1 Refined Power Management and Occupation

In the case of outdoor telecom cabinets, power management is often not as simple as it should be. For example, the maximum possible power of a rectifier in an outdoor telecom cabinet is 12000W, and the rectifier module currently configured is 9000W. The load is designed accordingly, and the maximum configuration is 9000W. However, due to the replacement of OAM engineer, loss of original data, and a large number of sites, the actual operating load and maximum power data of the site will be lost. Then if we need to expand the site load ,whether we need to add another rectifier module and whether the cooling capacity can be met will become complex. To address this, Edgeware has designed a full set of power management and occupation features.

Power Occupation Successful

Power Occupation Failed

Edgeware has developed a power management system for outdoor telecom cabinets to optimize the management of power and cooling systems. We found that the power and cooling capacity information of many customers’ outdoor telecom cabinets was clear during the initial deployment phase. However, as time went by, perhaps due to the departure of managers or confusion in internal management, there was confusion about how much power capacity and cooling capacity the outdoor telecom cabinet had. Therefore, based on the system we developed, we can provide power management for customers. For example, when it is necessary to expand the capacity in the outdoor telecom cabinet, it is necessary to apply for power occupation in the software system. The system will calculate whether it can be occupied and store this information in the software system.

7.1 Automatic Cooling Management

Edgeware Cooling Management System Auto Calculatin and Turn On Air Conditioner-First Stage

Edgeware Cooling Management System Auto Calculatin and Turn On Air Conditioner-Expansion Stage

The Cooling Management System developed by Edgeware works closely with the power management system. Based on the power occupation indicated by the power management, the system can automatically calculate the air conditioning situation that needs to be turned on. The air conditioners that are not turned on are in stand by state, the compressor is turned off, and only the CPU control system remains turned on, thereby saving energy to the greatest extent.

8.ST2100 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Specification

Please note that the specifications are for reference. Edgeware always welcomes customized requests.



ST2100 All in One Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

Ingress Protection


Enclosure Material

Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel 304


Mode 1 :700mm*700mm*2105mm(W*D*H)

Dimension can be customized

Power System

Depends on Configuration

1750W-27000W Recommended

Internal Space


Can split into Device Cabin and Battery Cabin based on Customer Request


Front Door and Back Door


Air Conditioner based on Requirement 

300W-4000W Cooling Capacity

Monitoring and Alarm

Power System Monitoring

Network Status Monitoring 

Environment Control and Monitoring

Battery System Monitoring

Door Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor , Battery Temperature Sensor, Water Leakage Sensor, Smoke Sensor


Remote Door Control

Shock and Shaking Sensor


AGM GEL Battery

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery ( Edgeware can provide solution with BMS integrate to whole system management)