Solar Powered 4G Outdoor CPE Edge Span S60 LTEP(Solar Controller, LTE Module, POE, Battery)

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Edge Span S60 LTEP designed by Edgeware is a typical Solar Powered 4G Outdoor CPE. It will design solar controller, LTE module , POE, battery all in one. It makes the whole system highly integrated, prefers installation, one-stop delivery and deployment. Solar Powered 4G Outdoor CPE can be widely used in CCTV Camera deployment without power coverage, Solar Powered WIFI Hotspot, rural area network coverage and other scenarios. Edge Span S60 LTEP Solar Powered 4G Outdoor has built-in 500W MPPT solar controller, LTE module with POE and 48V20AH lithium battery. The LTE module comes with 802.3af/at, which is more convenient for customers to access downlink equipment.

If you want to know more about the Edge Span S60 LTEP Solar Powered 4G Outdoor you can go to its product link: