Edge Span S60-LTEP with Solar LTE POE Battery|Solar Powered Outdoor 4G CPE|Off Grid 4G Outdoor CPE

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For more details of our solar powered outdoor 4G CPE-Edge Span S60-LTEP, please refer the product page for more information:


Edge Span S60 LTEP is a model specially designed by Edgeware for edge network coverage in remote areas. It solves the problem of no fiber coverage through 4G, and is supplemented by solar power, so that network access is no longer limited by electricity. It is very suitable for accessing devices such as cameras and WIFI APs in remote areas. If the camera video surveillance network uses Edge Span S60 LTEP and 4G Small Cell technology, it can quickly achieve coverage.

Through the video, we can also find that we have reserved 3 antenna ports for this model. Two of them are LTE usage. We can provide antennas with different gains according to the actual situation of customer deployment. GPS functionality is also available.

We believe that Solar powered outdoor 4G CPE can help customers to cover most remote areas. This model of Edge Span S60 belongs to LTEP-B and contains solar battery, which is a complete off grid 4g outdoor CPE.