Edgeware Outdoor 5G CPE-EC5532

Edgeware Outdoor 5G CPE-EC5532 Edge Chain EC5532 ODU 5G CPE Overview Edge Chain EC5532 is a 5G outdoor CPE. It supports the 3GPP Release 15 standard and implements the conversion between 5G NR wireless date and local ethernet/WiFi data. The IP66 shell ensures the device can work stably in the outdoor environment. High Performance EdgeChain […]

Edgeware Indoor 5G CPE-EC556

Edgeware Indoor 5G CPE-EC556 Edge Chain EC556 IDU 5G CPE Pro Overview EDGE CHAIN EC556 is a 5G wireless gateway CPE or 5G Indoor CPE that implements the conversion between 5G NR/LTE wireless data and wired Ethernet data. It supports 802.11ax WiFi6, 4*4 MIMO, and can be used independently. EDGE CHAIN EC556supports 5G NR Sub6 […]

Outdoor Solar Battery Enclosure- IP65-Edge Span B60 LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Blade

Outdoor Solar Battery Enclosure-Edge Span B60 Maintenance Free IP65 LiFePO4 Lithium Battery System Edge Span B60 Outdoor Solar Battery Enclosure connects to Edge Span S60 solar system We can also customize the interface according to your system, so that B60 meets your usage scenarios. Product Overview Edge Span B60 Outdoor Solar Battery Enclosure is a battery system […]