Outdoor Solar Power Helium 5G Miner Enclosure-Edge Span S60-H5G

Maintenance Free Solar Battery 5G All in One Helium Miner Enclosure

Edge Span S60-H5G Outdoor Solar Power Helium 5G Miner

Side View

With Sunshade

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Why do we need solar power 5G Helium Miner Enclosure?

Edge Span S60-H5G Outdoor Solar Power Helium 5G Miner Enclosure Product Overview

The Edge Span S60-H5G Outdoor Solar Power Helium 5G Miner is an All in One Enclosure designed by Edgeware based on the pain point of the wide deployment of Helium Miner in the wild. It can be adapted to various mainstream Helium Miner Boxes to provide stable 5G uplink and power. The whole system design has the following characteristics:

  • IP65 protection level of the whole machine, natural heat dissipation and no on-site maintenance
  • The overall integrated design, plug and play, no-stop connection integration and other complex operations
  • Customized based on customer needs

Edge Span S60-H5G Outdoor Solar Power Helium 5G Miner Enclosure Specification Overview




Wireless Uplink

Solar Controller



Ingress Protection


Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Helium Miner Enclosure

Solar  Power 5G Outdoor CPE with POE

Max 36V 500W Solar Panel


MPPT 500W 10A DC48V Solar Controller

Option1:48V20AH Lithium Battery

Option2:External Battery





Typical Application

•Solar Powered Helium Miner Enclosure

Why do we need Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure?

1.Helium Router Doesn't Consider Power Providing

Most models of the Helium miner are indoor models, and outdoor models do not offer complete power supply solutions such as UPS and solar. And the uplink network of these models depends on other network equipment

Although the new version of Helium 5G router provides 5G uplink, it is an indoor device and does not consider the issue of power supply.

2. Global Electricity Coverage Cannot Match Helium's Ideal

But we know that the Vision of the Helium system is:

Helium’s Technology allows anyone to build out massive, cost-effective wireless infrastructures in an entirely new business model that benefits everyone.

Then it means that the deployment of Helium must be global coverage. Let’s take a look at the current coverage of Helium:

We can find that the coverage in developed countries is relatively good, which is related to the local electricity and network. However, areas with poor remaining coverage or areas to be deployed in the future are not areas with ideal power supply. Don’t forget that we live in an unevenly developed world. Let’s take a look at the global distribution of electricity:

Data Source :Wold Economic Forum

There are still many parts of the world without electricity, or many developing countries have electricity, but it is extremely unstable.

  • Although the power coverage in South America is acceptable, the stability of power supply is not good, and the frequency of power outages is high.
  • Many countries in Africa have poor electricity coverage.
  • There are also many remote areas in Asia that are not covered by electricity.

3.Conclusion-Outdoor Solar Power 5G Miner Is the Choice

From the analysis we can see that only the combination of Helium and solar technology can truly solve the problem of global deployment. That’s why Edgeware designed the Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure. However, based on our rich experience in deploying outdoor power solutions, this product needs to be considered in terms of environment, maintenance and stability.

Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure Application Scenario

System Architecture

The overall architecture of Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure is based on Edgeware Edge Span S60, with solar input and 48V20AH lithium battery. Complete lightning protection is built in for deployment in the wild and remote areas.

The Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure is protected by an IP65-rated aluminum casing, which is not afraid of the challenges of various complex environments. And all the internal devices are industrial grade to ensure the long-term stable operation of the system, so that the whole system can be free from on-site maintenance.

The system customizes the mounting parts in our equipment according to your Helium miner model. After you receive the equipment, it is easy and fast to install the Helium Miner in our equipment.

The whole system is plug and play, without complicated configuration and operation.

We can also add 1-3 GE ports with POE/POE+ function according to your scenario, so that you can connect various devices. At the same time, for LoRa and 5G antennas, we can customize antennas with different performances according to your scenarios, ranging from 4dBi-12dBi.

Maintenance Free to Reduce OPEX

When deploying an outdoor Solar System, special attention should be paid to OPEX. Edgeware’s design philosophy has always considered OPEX and CAPEX equally important. When we deploy a solar energy system outdoors, if we do not consider the stability of the system operation well, and do not have a software system for remote monitoring and operation and maintenance of it, when the system runs outdoors for a long time, it is very likely that we will Had to stop frequently for trouble shooting and maintenance. So Edgeware’s design goal is to maintain a maintenance-free site to save OPEX. In addition, the income from single site Helium mining will visibly decrease over time. If the OPEX is too high and eventually exceeds Helium Mining’s revenue, the site will not be economically viable to protect the existing investment. Therefore, minimizing OPEX is the key.


  • To achieve this goal, Edgeware is designed from the following aspects:
  • The system is IP65-level protected, thus completely preventing the whole system from being challenged by various complex environments, such as high-humidity areas, rainy areas, desert areas, and seaside areas with high salinity.
  • Completely natural heat dissipation, no fan is required, thus eliminating the aging damage and maintenance problems of the fan mechanical parts.
  • Perfect lightning protection, to the greatest extent prevent equipment downtime to the station for maintenance.
  • Perfect remote monitoring and management software platform, even if the site has errors, it can be located remotely and repaired at one time.

Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure Features

1.Maintance Free

The entire Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure system is constructed with an IP65/NEMA4 grade aluminum housing with strong outdoor corrosion resistance. And the system is fully sealed and can be deployed in any area without fear of environmental challenges.

Good heat dissipation design and all industrial-grade devices make the system no longer rely on fans, but rely on natural heat dissipation. Therefore, the system no longer needs to be maintained and replaced due to the fan.

2.Highly Reliable and Efficient MPPT Solar Controllor

Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure is equipped with Edgeware’s high-efficiency MPPT solar controller specially designed for outdoor scenarios, which greatly stabilizes the conversion of solar energy.

In addition, this solar controller is designed based on outdoor deployment environment, based on natural heat disspation. Combined with Edge Span’s aluminum shell system, it can achieve efficient heat dissipation, thus ensuring high stability of the whole system.。

3.Comprehensive Lightning and Surge Protection

The Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure is used in an outdoor environment and is inevitably threatened by lightning and surge. Based on Edgeware’s rich experience in outdoor lightning protection, we have designed perfect lightning protection for both signal and power systems.

At the same time, based on Edgeware’s smart breaker, it realizes the protection of over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and short-circuit.

4.Complete Network Scenarios

Edgeware positions the Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power 5G Miner Enclosure at the Outdoor Edge Network’s network location. The network faced in this scenario is very complex. With a complete network product portfolio, Edgeware can provide customers with complete network basic modules from 5G, 4G, Wireless P2MP, Switch, Router, GPON, etc. to help customers cover complete scenarios.

5.Rmote Moitoring Software Platform to Simplify Operation

Edgeware has always emphasized that CAPEX and OPEX are equally important. The core of reducing the OPEX of the Edge Industry PowerCube scenario is to provide complete Remote Monitoring.

Based on Edgeware’s Convergence Software Platform, it can realize complete remote monitoring for customers.

Edge Span S60-H5G Solar Power Miner Enclosure Specification

Edge Span Tiny U100 Edge Industry Power Cube-PWU Specification


W*H*D 231mm*321mm*135mm


7kg(with all system)



Ingress Protection


Heat Dissipation

No fan design, natural heat dissipation

System Operating Temperature

-20~+75°C, 5%~90% RH Non condensing

AC Input

AC110V/220V 50/60Hz

DC Output

DC48V and DC12V

DC-UPS Rated Power



Smart Breaker

Remote control power on and off from Edgeware convergence platform

10A 110v/220v

Leakage Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Under Voltage Protection

Overcurrent Protection

Short circuit Protection

Lightning Protection


48V4.8AH lithium battery with or without BMS

48V9.6AH lithium battery with or without BMS

Network and System Surge Suppression

Contact discharge 8KVa, air discharge 15KVa, port lightning protection common-mode 4KVa, differential mode 2KVa

Power Line 20KVa

System Monitoring and Management

Work with Edgeware Convergence software platform to perform system monitoring and management

Environment Monitoring

System temperature, humidity.

Box open and close status

Battery Status Monitoring

Battery voltage , current, remaining capacity, temperature

Battery working status, battery charge and discharge current

Battery health estimation( Battery life time estimation )

Edge Span Tiny U100-NSU Specification

Edge Span Tiny U100 Edge Industry PowerCube-NSU Specification


W*H*D 231mm*321mm*135mm


5kg(with all system)



Ingress Protection


Heat Dissipation

No fan design, natural heat dissipation

System Operating Temperature

-20~+75°C, 5%~90% RH Non condensing

DC Input

DC48V and DC12V

Network and System Surge Suppression

Contact discharge 8KVa, air discharge 15KVa, port lightning protection common-mode 4KVa, differential mode 2KVa

Power Line 20KVa

Default Network Module:

GE Downlink: 2*10/100/1000M Base-T ports  ( Can be 4 Ports ) 802.3 at/af Supported

GE Uplink : 1*10/100/1000M Base-X  and 1*10/100/1000MBase-T port

1*RS485 1*RS232

4*Ports can be defined as DI/DO/AI

Optional Network Modules

5G Module

4G Module

GPON Module

Features Supported

4K VLAN based on port, IEEE802.1q VLAN based on the protocol, VLAN based on MAC QinQ configuration, Port configuration of Access, Trunk, Hybrid

LACP, Static aggregation, Max 3 aggregation groups and 8 ports per group.

STP (IEEE802.1d),RSTP (IEEE802.1w),MSTP (IEEE802.1s)

MLD Snooping v1/v2,Multicast VLAN IGMP Snooping v1/v2, Max 1024 multicast groups, Fast log out

Bidirectional data mirroring based on port

Flow-based Rate Limiting Flow-based Packet Filtering 8*Output queues of each port 802.1p/DSCP priority mapping Diff-Serv QoS,Priority Mark/Remark Queue Scheduling Algorithm (SP, WRR,)

Port-based Issuing ACL,ACL based on port and VLAN L2 to L4 packet filtering, matching first 80 bytes message. Provide ACL based on MAC, Destination MAC address, IP Source, Destination IP, IP Protocol Type, TCP/UDP Port, TCP/UDP Port Range, and VLAN, etc

IP-MAC-VLAN-Port binding ARP inspection,Anti-DoS attack AAA & RADIUS,MAC learning limit Mac black holes,IP source protection IEEE802.1X & MAC address authentication Broadcast storm control,Backup for host datum

SSH 2.0,SSL,Port isolation,ARP message speed limit User hierarchical management and password protection

DHCP Client,DHCP Snooping,DHCP Server,DHCP Relay

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